Snot Sessions 3: Jukey Jamming!

☆  Get lead faster!

☆  Score more points 

☆  Trick blockers & blast through the pack without being touched! 

Take back control as the Jammer! 


WIN MORE JAMS & make jamming more fun! 

Get the footwork & strategy you need to be a Jukey Jammer.

Juking is truly the secret sauce you need to win more jams & score more points!



 Get around blockers easier & faster so you can do what you're there to do → score more points!

... Being a pushy, strong jammer is a lot of work ...

If you're pushing a 4 wall, you might be pushing well over 600lbs of people! That's a lot of heavy lifting!

Save energy & make your jamming life easier! Juke around them!



If you’re new to Juking, here's the rundown.

Juking is essentially misdirection → You trick a blocker into thinking you're going one way. When the blocker moves to block you, you quickly change directions, go the other way & speed past them.

It’s an amazing way to take control as a jammer.

You create a hole for yourself & run by the blockers. You're your own offensive player.

It's a lot of fun! 


With great juking, you'll:

+ Control blockers (instead of them controlling you)

+ Create your own holes to get out of the pack faster

+ Save energy

+ Score more points


And did I mention you'll have more fun jamming ;) 


Juking's a simple concept, but it's not always easy.

You need to:

** make quick decisions

** have FAST FOOTWORK & the right juking moves


In JUKEY JAMMING, you'll learn the footwork & the exact moves that will get your juking skills faster & quicker.

You'll get the agility you need to make precise moves & get by any blocker 1on1 and through walls of blockers faster and easier. 


I'll show you EXACTLY how to level up your footwork & juking moves on your own time AND then take those moves to practice & use them against a teammate or another skater. 



Let's do it! 

I can’t wait to see your jukes!



In this Snot Sessions online clinic, you'll get:

 ⚡️ Expertly led tutorials to help you reach your goals

Learn exactly how to make your jamming more fun & win more jams by juking your way past blockers & around the pack! Snot Rocket Science (USA Roller Derby & Jacksonville Roller Derby) teaches you new skills & how to train to get your fun, flawless jukes.

⚡️⚡️The right drills to master & level up your derby skills

Practice for how badass you want to play on gameday. Snot shows you the drills that will get you stronger, faster, & have you scoring more points in no time!

⚡️The Snot Sessions Juking Skill Workout

This signature on skates workout will quickly build your juking skills, get your moves stronger, & build the endurance you need for game day. Intense & fun?! 100%!


    ☆  The Snot Sessions Skill Log to track your practice & progress 

    ☆  2 hrs of video coaching & training with USA Roller Derby's, Snot Rocket Science

    ☆  Get the support, direction, & motivation you need to your next level. You can ask questions as you go & get answers directly from Snot.


     → The Jukey Jamming clinic is even better than an in person clinic because it's yours to keep! You can skate with it & go back to learn more anytime.

No need to travel or buy a plane ticket to a clinic. You get to level up for only $39. 


Don't wait to reach your goals!



Get Jukey Jamming!

$39 USD